Monday, April 1, 2013

Shrunken Figments ..

Defeat creaming, Around wet minds, Blear noisy eyes. Colors discolored, Charred black. If white peeps, Threatens to amend, Erase the black And bleach; I choose. Black needles, Defeats white. Naked cuts. Does one run and flee? Or hide? Or yield? Or wanting to loosen, Fetter the knot closer? Prejudiced happiness. Serves the culprit, And scorns the athirst. Love defiles, Sullies there, Where even you Fear to finger. If inflated Pride, Threatens to embalm, I choose. Love rapes and wastes, Defeats a Deadly Sin. Shrunken figments. Quenched. Does one mourn and accuse? Or cede? Or wanting to empty the vessels, Pour more?