Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Watch My Tears Rolling Down

Dated : 13th of August,2011 : I was hurt,bitter,angry and shattered to pieces when this came out. Feedback appreciated.

I watch my tears rolling down.
The oozing of the rain,
From the tin-roofed chalet,
And the pellets forging a puddle,
Near the pavement in cobble.
The frothing of the tears,
From the canthus of my reeking eyelids –
A gush of teardrops misting the layers.

I watch my tears rolling down,
Till it clogs my breath
And fetters my sentience;
Till it drains my spirits
And disarrays my thoughts.

I watch my tears rolling down,
Till it feels like blood,
Dipped in the heat of my vagina,
Surging its way,
Like a lissome cascade;
Till it pulls down the blinds,
Over my eyes,
Scarlet with pain.

I watch my tears rolling down,
Till they reach
The venom reigning in my blood,
The malice saturating my liver,
And cleanse the pessimism
That thrones my system.

I watch my tears rolling down.

I wipe them away,


I watch my tears rolling down..


Friday, July 29, 2011

Because They Didn't Have a Future Together

“Am I not good enough?”
He counted,
The uncountable times she had asked him this.
And she heard him laugh.

“Oh, I couldn’t have wanted anything better!”
Deceptive Hopes – rising,
Smirking at her foolishness.
She let them grow,
Infiltrate her heart.
And hold her breath tight,
To try and live every blink of an eye,
As much as she might,
Till he killed them –
The Hopes –
Their cheeks now beaming
And eyes gleaming,
With ridicule for her.

While they were still breeding in her heart,
He killed them there,
With his own hands.
His own hands –
Which had so often cuddled her hair,
Pulled her cheeks,
Entwined her waist
To kiss her lips,

Or seeing a teardrop,
Clouding and sparkling,
On the edge of her bushy eyelashes,
Wiped it off,
With such care and warmth,
With tenderness and love.

For several sleepless nights,
She cried,
She screamed,
She bled from pain,
Her mind was bruised,
Her heart felt battered.

If only she could shout,
If only she could scream,
And let the world know
How much she loved him,
Without shame,
Or disgrace.

He robbed her of all –
The smile that graced her,
The vivacity that defined her,
The skeleton of chastity
That had always swathed her.

He got married.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Runaway Princess

Darkness benights my domain


Is what people would call it,

Or Evil perhaps..

What is Dark, to me, is Royal..

Royalty in my veins,

Royalty to smear my blood with,

In Nyx's demesne

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This one's again a very casual write written a long time back when things were getting on strong hold for me...Feedback appreciated.

It’s different,

It’s strange.

The muted sunbeams,

the creamy waves from the moon,

they appear unusually intense.

The fresh diamond dews,

the rain distended cascade,

the chirping melody of the birds,

and the redolence of the Jessamine,

They seem so elite today.

The once preferred lonesomeness

Seem annihilating me today.

This is queer,

I am happy today.

Someone has invigorated my lifeless world;

someone has edged silently into my blue heart,

and incited me to live.

And yes, I will live.


Hey all,this is a very personal write,a casual one I wrote 2 years or so back,when I was horribly hurt...

I hope you enjoy reading this. Feedback definitely appreciated..

Torn apart from each other,

Broken promises,

The cataclysm of heavy betrayal,

Trailed by a cacophony of regrets,

Incorporeal voices that scream within me.

Blurred remembrances,

The auld lang syne,

The frequent encounters,

A flavor of love,

Sweet chitchats,

Relentless bickers and tiffs,

They stalk me still.

The effulgence in those eyes,

Those that had charmed me.

The acquainted fragrance,

They plague me now.

My bleeding heart,

Torn by those voices,

Searching for an answer to,

� "Was it love?" �