Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip To Wonderland - Day 1!!

Hey all,

How’ve you all been? Good going you all, huh?

Well, me? Gureee888!! You won’t believe it guys, but I made one of the best and the most enjoyable trips this summer, with my parents, to the mountains of Sikkim! I was not only endowed with the opportunity of soaking in the naked delicacy and exquisiteness of the hills, but I was also fluky enough to come across, then getting acquainted and gradually close to some of the world’s most hospitable and caring people!

We were received at Jorethang by my dad’s good friend and the Forest Ranger of Dentam, Mr.T.B.Subba’s brother-in-law, Mr.Narayan Pradhan, a teacher, who created an initial impression in my mind as a cheerfully plump and round man with scant hair on his head!

We were taken to his home in a paradise called Daramdin, a secluded and less-populated village in West Sikkim, which we all consentaneously acquiesce is the idyllic site for people who want a calm occasion far away from the clutches, hustle and bustle of city life; for people who genuinely desire to regain that lost loveliness of their soul; for people who want to retrieve their aesthetic and visual senses which have suffered defeat in the materialistic and highly monotonous lives they lead in the four-walled cities, where rickshaw horns are always popping, cars displaying their multiplicity of horns, the dingy clamor of buses and trams, where the increasingly embryonic pollution wreaks havoc, where people seem to be dragged along by a demon of materialism – the demon that has left the majority of the section lifeless and uninteresting.
This is seriously the best place if we want to enjoy a few tranquil days away from the ignominious clamor and disturbances that the cities offer its denizens.Daramdin is immaculate, uncontaminated, wholesome and fresh-faced.

We were introduced to his wife, Mrs.Sita Pradhan, a largely ebullient and hospitable lady, working in a health clinic, and she received us with such warmth and kindness as if we had been acquainted for long, as if we were her own people.

Mama and Mami
Their house was at a superb location and offered a pictographic panorama of the surroundings. For sightseeing we were taken to a titanic and one of the most famous temples in Sikkim, the Sai Baba Mandir, built in the grounds of Mr.Narayan Pradhan. It was a wonder to behold, trust me, people! I am a person who has never believed in Sai Baba and infact never been a devotee of any particular God, but then I just couldn’t disbelieve what I saw with my own eyes – we were shown what is usually not shown to the visitors - the long piece of cloth that led to main idol had the footprints of, as they say, Sai Baba! The surrounding was beautiful, with a variety of flowers that I had never seen before, blooming in and around the place.
The Sai mandir,Daramdin
We lunched at their place and Mrs.Sita Pradhan was one marvel of a cook, trust me! She had prepared the simplest of food and yet we were all reduced to licking our fingers at the end of the meal. We took a walk around the large stretches of cultivated fields of Mr.Pradhan and picked up some hilly fruits called Arucha and Garandula! It was a lovely experience!

Cultivation on Mama's grounds
We were then taken to our resort which had been booked beforehand by Mr.T.B.Subba, the Akashganga Forest Rest House located atop a hill in Sombarey, another ravishing village only about 11 km from Daramdin. Well, it was also an amazing place with friendly people in and around and we were all pleasantly surprised when we came to know that the IPL final between the Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore would be shown on a huge screen through a projector. I shared a few words with the manager of the resort, D.K.Thapa and a really jolly and cute little service boy Bimal who is the funniest creature I’ve ever come across!

A bunch of disgusting Marwaris poured in towards the evening, well disgusting because I’ve always abhorred that race of people most of all. I find them rude, loud, uncultured, money-minded and lousy – well isn’t that reason enough for me to not like their company?

In the late evening, the match began. I was all stirred up, and obviously after the Kolkata Knight Riders, I supported the Deccan Chargers because am a die-hard patron of Adam Gilchrist (Gosh, he’s so cuuuutttteeee!). I was initially in the top balcony where two other Sikkimese guys, as well as the Marwari girls and one boy, wrapped beneath a blanket, were also watching the match! Shit, Gilchrist gone for 0! Am really superstitious when it comes to cricket, and decided to shift my position and watch the rest of the match downstairs with the other people! The DC supporters and the RC supporters were lined up in two separate groups, and I obviously joined the DC bunch. We cheered, grumbled, rooted for sixes and boundaries, rejoiced at the opponent’s wickets – it was real fun!

Beside me, there were two guys seated, and one of them with a little long hair and sharp dark eyes, struck a conversation with me (well, I was expecting that!) and I gradually got informed about him – he was studying English M.A., was a guitarist, singer and drummer and had a band of his own where he played the drums and he was fond of 70s and 80s rock and impressively, he was also keen on Bangla bands like Fossils and Cactus. He was called Basant Sharma. So there he was my first friend during this trip (well, I always make some, every time I go primarily because I can identify with the Sikkimese people, I share the same nature, same ways, and as everyone says, the same looks!)

Well that night, with all the avid DC supporters, Deccan won an impossible-to-win final match – a match to remember! Great fight put up by them with a puny score!

I went back to bed, happy and eager for the tomorrow to arrive.

Well, there goes my first day in Sikkim, and I shall post a detailed description of the second day spent and gradually the rest of them, eventually. Do bear with me, dudes and dudettes! You’re undoubtedly gonna enjoy my journey and feel yourself to be a part of it!

Thanks all,
Hey, Prince Charming, will you get me some of those?! :P

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