Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exhibition Time, Guys!! Enjoy!!

Here I've uploaded some miniature images of my paintings. Feedback appreciated.

Is this anywhere close to the London bridge?

Just a casual one

A mountain scene with pastel+water colour

A glass painting by me.

Boats in mid sea? lol.


A mountain scene

Another mountain scene

A village scene

Another mountain scene (U can see how much i love mountains,nah?)

Theme Art

Theme Art


Village boats

Still Life


sukanya said...

lykd all ur stuff..especially the ones captioned"a casual one" n "sunset".

mark-tdh said...

How do I describe an indescribable girl? She's at once funny, serious, profound, amusing, excitable, yet has an inner calm and peace. Above all she is an artist in the broadest sense, and could have an equally bright future as either a journalist, poet, author or painter. What a talent...I'm madly jealous!

Anonymous said...

You are the most amazing girl, Varshana. I will never stop believing, indeed knowing that fact.

I can't decide whether you're more talented at writing, poetry, drawing or painting. I just am aware that you're exceptional in so many ways. You have already brought so much sunshine and happiness into my life.
Thank you from my heart for that.
Mark xx

VaRshAnA said...

Thanks a lot,baby. Mark,you've always been so so so special for me. I've known you for more than 3 and a 1/2 years now,and I can only conclude that every time I needed support,love,understanding,help,a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh and share my happinesses with or even when it came to just listening to what I have to say without particularly being judgmental,I've ALWAYS found you at the other end.
Thank you for always making me feel so so special in our own l'il ways. Your words "amazing,exceptional" and all that are a l'il too exaggerated in parts,because trust me,there are millions like me;but then m sure that's your own way of making me feel special and you always have a powerful impact,Sir.
Thank YOU so much for always being there and filling my days up with "sunshine and happiness".
Okhay,that was formal enough..:P
Varshana xxxxx