Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trip To Wonderland - Day 2!!

Hola people,

Yes, here I am – back with my description of the second day spent in Sombarey, West Sikkim!

Well, the second day wasn’t exceptionally great, you see! The rains had set in since early morning and continued pouring throughout the day! Initially a few spells of rain was pretty much welcomed by me because it lent the ambience a sensation of romanticism, however, when it showed no signs of ceasing, it began to get on my nerves, and I prayed so intently that it would stop raining the next day so that we would not have to rescind our trek of 4km from Hilley to Barsey – the Rhododendron Sanctuary.
A stretching dog on the rain smeared roads

The only good thing about the day was that my friend, Laxmi Bhattarai, a blue-eyed nineteen year old guy from Martam, a beautiful and remote village in West Sikkim near HeeBermiok, whom we had met during our last trip to his village last December, joined us. The afternoon whiled away in chatting with him.
Lax, dad and mom - see the heavy downpour behind?
Later, towards the evening Mr.Narayan Pradhan along with his wife, in that heavy a rainfall, traveled the 11km from Daramdin to Sombarey in a scooter, and obviously, Sita Mami came with her bag full of goodies! We went out for a little walk through, what we call, a “really muddy and rough road” to some caves, but then it was seriously worth that bad walk, since we got a picturesque vista of the opposite hills of Rimbick as seen from behind the tufts of smoky clouds – phew, felt like heaven, man!
Out for the walk in the rain

We returned back at around five and found a Bong family of an elderly man, a few women, two kids and a young man, that had checked into the resort. Trust me, I kind of breathed a sigh of relief – there, at least we wouldn’t be the only guests in the resort – there was another group, and most importantly, a BONG one! At least that would throw some life into the dull rainy day! Dad got along with them pretty well, giving his usual lectures (those that are beyond my ability to perceive, you see!) about tourism. Later on, even I got along well with them, and especially admired the good humor of the Uncle in the group, Mrinal Chakroborty, a Professor of English – there; I had someone to match my taste!

It was night finally; time to go to bed, baby!

Gunnite, sleep tight, dream sweet, and pray for the rains to be merciful!

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