Sunday, June 7, 2009


Day 3:


Stupid rains!

Silly rains!

Foolish rains!

Crappy rains!

Shitty rains!

Bloody rains!!

Just rains and rains filled our day!!

We remained incarcerated within the resort for the whole morning and subsequently the major part of the afternoon, as there was nothing worth doing, really! We just had a nice chat with the Bong family ad gradually got well-acquainted with them. The good thing about the afternoon was the hot and delicious khichudi lunch along with omlettes – the favorite dish of all Bongs during rain filled afternoons!

My Mama, Mr.Narayan Pradhan, emphasized so much on us going down to Daramdin @ their home, that even we actually thought it would be a good respite from the closure that we were imprisoned within for two long days! We took a cab down to their home, bidding farewell to our friends there in the resort.

In the evening, we went to the Sai Mandir, which Mama and Mami religiously attend both during the mornings and evenings for conducting the prayers. Quite a large number of devotees as well common visitors supposedly assemble there for the prayers and hymns. Even we attend the event and it felt quite good – quite different from the usual monotonous materialistic life that we lead here – the whole process lent me kind of religious feeling that I actually seemed to like, unlike most times!

We walked back to their home through the muddy and narrow lane in the dark with the waters still pouring down heavily in succession! It was cozy evening that we spent in their snug little cottage thereafter, and to augment the charm and cheerfulness of the evening, we were joined by the man himself, the immensely jolly and cartoon-like man, Mr.T.B.Subba, and you should’ve seen the exhilaration of my dad then, he kind of sprung up from his seat and was all stirred up! He was dressed in a T-shirt with a punch line “OSAMA BIN LADEN” and it was mentioned “US UNDER ATTACK 9/11” at the rear. No one was watching him; all were interested in his Tee! He brightened up the whole dull ambience and cheered everyone’s subdued mood! I just imagined the tenacity and mental stamina of that man, who had trekked 35 km in that one day, in the rains, from Tumbling to Daramdin, i.e. in a way from North Bengal to Sikkim, and yet was as vibrant as ever! Hats off, man!

“Go to bed, all! “-came Mami’s order! And we quietly followed.
Gunnite all. Until tomorrow.

Cheers, guys!

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