Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bright and Sunny!!!

Yeppie, celebrations!!!!! The rains have retreated finally! Let’s all breath a sigh of relief! The sun has come out, and its bright and sunny and cheerful – the perfect weather for any amount of traveling and sightseeing or even trekking but we decided to skip that part because the weather was uncertain, like, it could turn tables anytime and trekking would thus be risky!

My awefully sexy Dad !!! LOL!!
It was suddenly decided by Subba Uncle that we would go up to Hillay, the point just before the Barsey trek point, in his own black sumo car. Both Mama and Mami took leave from work and would join us in the journey. Mami obviously, needless to mention, stuffed us with a lot of food, because she was certain that we wouldn’t get food on the road and even packed lunch in her bag so that we could not remain hungry for even a millisecond of a millisecond. Gosh!

On our way to Hillay - a milestone
We traveled 25 km from Sombarey to Hillay, dropped at the guest house once (the Bong family also had plans of trekking to Barsey like us, but all got devastated due to the rains, and seeing us going out, even they jumped into their car and started traveling towards Hillay, though they were quick about the whole process as they had to board the train from NJP that evening!), stopped frequently at view points for photographs, stopped at Okhray and then went on to Hillay. Subba Uncle dropped us from his car at a point, 3 km before Hillay. I was initially angry with him for causing us discomfort but then, I ended up thanking him because while on the way, we had an immensely pleasant experience picking up all sorts of hilly fruits and munching into them, strawberries and medicinal plants – learning so much, you see!
The hottest couple, don't you agree?
Hillay was one wonder of a place with a really pleasant weather, though cloudy – but pleasant! We met the S.S.B. check post officer, a Bong man again who was seriously fond of Subba Uncle (Well, who isn’t? He is one of the most popular gentlemen of Sikkim!), chatted with him, and he even opened the Barsey gate and we just walked a little way into it, not long, for fear of getting bitten by leeches (Well, a hilly insect had already sucked the blood out of legs and had caused huge swells on it that have not yet healed! So not taking risks there, you see! I don’t understand why all sorts of insects come and gather around me! Why am I always victimized?! Uhhu!)
Amidst the clouds in okhray!
At Hilley checkpost
That gate leads you to Barsey
We went down to a place called Ribdhi, where we enjoyed an open air lunch, brought in by Mami of course, after climbing up a little hill.
Ribdhi-isn't it beautiful?
Look who it is- RED ALERT-Osama Bin Laden!
We went back to Daramdin, dropped Mama and Mami back and bid them a long and dismal farewell. Trust me; I’d really grown so damn fond of them that I didn’t wish to part at all! Lax would also go, and so we dropped him at Jorethang from where he would take a cab to Martam. Lax was so sad when the departure moment neared, and when it did arrive finally and he got off the car, we all realized that his beautiful blue eyes were wet and he was crying because he didn’t even look back at us once! Trust me; even he is an amazing guy - a genuine one, an innocent one, very very pure from within! I am so lucky I met a friend like him!

Subba Uncle and Me- Eww, am being clutched too tightly, my tongue is sticking out!
Subba Uncle took us to his home in Namchi, called Tamling House. Namchi is in South Sikkim, and a more of a populated town, known as ‘Mini-Gangtok’. I met up with his daughter, Roselyn, who just gave her class XII exams and was resting at home for some months. Well, she is an old acquaintance of mine because she had come to our place in Kolkata for dinner just some months back. I met a beautiful little girl, Rebecca, who not only worked for the family but also studied in class V, and met Pushpa Aunty, Subba uncle’s wife. They were all extremely pleasant people. There were two kids, Anjali and Avantika, who were the children of Pushpa Aunty’s own sister and initially refused to open up with me. The evening was well spent and sightseeing was decided upon for the next day.

So until tomorrow, guys!! Are you enjoying???


deeps said...

ohh sure ... wonderful couple there... nice picts ...

rains retreated brings joy for you all and that would sound not so joyful for many in the rest of the country ...
thats our country

Pushkar said...

Dear Varshana : My fiancee' Thokchom Sangeeta Devi, sister of Late Thokchom Okendra Singh, is from Manipur and known to Mr TB Subba very well. Sadly she has lost touch with him. Can you please provide us his contact details at my email address ;

I would really appreciate your help. You can discuss with him first if you want and then give the contact details. Altertively, you can give my email address to Mr Subba and he can write to me directly.

We live in Pune.