Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bright and Sunny!!!

Yeppie, celebrations!!!!! The rains have retreated finally! Let’s all breath a sigh of relief! The sun has come out, and its bright and sunny and cheerful – the perfect weather for any amount of traveling and sightseeing or even trekking but we decided to skip that part because the weather was uncertain, like, it could turn tables anytime and trekking would thus be risky!

My awefully sexy Dad !!! LOL!!
It was suddenly decided by Subba Uncle that we would go up to Hillay, the point just before the Barsey trek point, in his own black sumo car. Both Mama and Mami took leave from work and would join us in the journey. Mami obviously, needless to mention, stuffed us with a lot of food, because she was certain that we wouldn’t get food on the road and even packed lunch in her bag so that we could not remain hungry for even a millisecond of a millisecond. Gosh!

On our way to Hillay - a milestone
We traveled 25 km from Sombarey to Hillay, dropped at the guest house once (the Bong family also had plans of trekking to Barsey like us, but all got devastated due to the rains, and seeing us going out, even they jumped into their car and started traveling towards Hillay, though they were quick about the whole process as they had to board the train from NJP that evening!), stopped frequently at view points for photographs, stopped at Okhray and then went on to Hillay. Subba Uncle dropped us from his car at a point, 3 km before Hillay. I was initially angry with him for causing us discomfort but then, I ended up thanking him because while on the way, we had an immensely pleasant experience picking up all sorts of hilly fruits and munching into them, strawberries and medicinal plants – learning so much, you see!
The hottest couple, don't you agree?
Hillay was one wonder of a place with a really pleasant weather, though cloudy – but pleasant! We met the S.S.B. check post officer, a Bong man again who was seriously fond of Subba Uncle (Well, who isn’t? He is one of the most popular gentlemen of Sikkim!), chatted with him, and he even opened the Barsey gate and we just walked a little way into it, not long, for fear of getting bitten by leeches (Well, a hilly insect had already sucked the blood out of legs and had caused huge swells on it that have not yet healed! So not taking risks there, you see! I don’t understand why all sorts of insects come and gather around me! Why am I always victimized?! Uhhu!)
Amidst the clouds in okhray!
At Hilley checkpost
That gate leads you to Barsey
We went down to a place called Ribdhi, where we enjoyed an open air lunch, brought in by Mami of course, after climbing up a little hill.
Ribdhi-isn't it beautiful?
Look who it is- RED ALERT-Osama Bin Laden!
We went back to Daramdin, dropped Mama and Mami back and bid them a long and dismal farewell. Trust me; I’d really grown so damn fond of them that I didn’t wish to part at all! Lax would also go, and so we dropped him at Jorethang from where he would take a cab to Martam. Lax was so sad when the departure moment neared, and when it did arrive finally and he got off the car, we all realized that his beautiful blue eyes were wet and he was crying because he didn’t even look back at us once! Trust me; even he is an amazing guy - a genuine one, an innocent one, very very pure from within! I am so lucky I met a friend like him!

Subba Uncle and Me- Eww, am being clutched too tightly, my tongue is sticking out!
Subba Uncle took us to his home in Namchi, called Tamling House. Namchi is in South Sikkim, and a more of a populated town, known as ‘Mini-Gangtok’. I met up with his daughter, Roselyn, who just gave her class XII exams and was resting at home for some months. Well, she is an old acquaintance of mine because she had come to our place in Kolkata for dinner just some months back. I met a beautiful little girl, Rebecca, who not only worked for the family but also studied in class V, and met Pushpa Aunty, Subba uncle’s wife. They were all extremely pleasant people. There were two kids, Anjali and Avantika, who were the children of Pushpa Aunty’s own sister and initially refused to open up with me. The evening was well spent and sightseeing was decided upon for the next day.

So until tomorrow, guys!! Are you enjoying???


Day 3:


Stupid rains!

Silly rains!

Foolish rains!

Crappy rains!

Shitty rains!

Bloody rains!!

Just rains and rains filled our day!!

We remained incarcerated within the resort for the whole morning and subsequently the major part of the afternoon, as there was nothing worth doing, really! We just had a nice chat with the Bong family ad gradually got well-acquainted with them. The good thing about the afternoon was the hot and delicious khichudi lunch along with omlettes – the favorite dish of all Bongs during rain filled afternoons!

My Mama, Mr.Narayan Pradhan, emphasized so much on us going down to Daramdin @ their home, that even we actually thought it would be a good respite from the closure that we were imprisoned within for two long days! We took a cab down to their home, bidding farewell to our friends there in the resort.

In the evening, we went to the Sai Mandir, which Mama and Mami religiously attend both during the mornings and evenings for conducting the prayers. Quite a large number of devotees as well common visitors supposedly assemble there for the prayers and hymns. Even we attend the event and it felt quite good – quite different from the usual monotonous materialistic life that we lead here – the whole process lent me kind of religious feeling that I actually seemed to like, unlike most times!

We walked back to their home through the muddy and narrow lane in the dark with the waters still pouring down heavily in succession! It was cozy evening that we spent in their snug little cottage thereafter, and to augment the charm and cheerfulness of the evening, we were joined by the man himself, the immensely jolly and cartoon-like man, Mr.T.B.Subba, and you should’ve seen the exhilaration of my dad then, he kind of sprung up from his seat and was all stirred up! He was dressed in a T-shirt with a punch line “OSAMA BIN LADEN” and it was mentioned “US UNDER ATTACK 9/11” at the rear. No one was watching him; all were interested in his Tee! He brightened up the whole dull ambience and cheered everyone’s subdued mood! I just imagined the tenacity and mental stamina of that man, who had trekked 35 km in that one day, in the rains, from Tumbling to Daramdin, i.e. in a way from North Bengal to Sikkim, and yet was as vibrant as ever! Hats off, man!

“Go to bed, all! “-came Mami’s order! And we quietly followed.
Gunnite all. Until tomorrow.

Cheers, guys!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Exhibition Time, Guys!! Enjoy!!

Here I've uploaded some miniature images of my paintings. Feedback appreciated.

Is this anywhere close to the London bridge?

Just a casual one

A mountain scene with pastel+water colour

A glass painting by me.

Boats in mid sea? lol.


A mountain scene

Another mountain scene

A village scene

Another mountain scene (U can see how much i love mountains,nah?)

Theme Art

Theme Art


Village boats

Still Life

Trip To Wonderland - Day 2!!

Hola people,

Yes, here I am – back with my description of the second day spent in Sombarey, West Sikkim!

Well, the second day wasn’t exceptionally great, you see! The rains had set in since early morning and continued pouring throughout the day! Initially a few spells of rain was pretty much welcomed by me because it lent the ambience a sensation of romanticism, however, when it showed no signs of ceasing, it began to get on my nerves, and I prayed so intently that it would stop raining the next day so that we would not have to rescind our trek of 4km from Hilley to Barsey – the Rhododendron Sanctuary.
A stretching dog on the rain smeared roads

The only good thing about the day was that my friend, Laxmi Bhattarai, a blue-eyed nineteen year old guy from Martam, a beautiful and remote village in West Sikkim near HeeBermiok, whom we had met during our last trip to his village last December, joined us. The afternoon whiled away in chatting with him.
Lax, dad and mom - see the heavy downpour behind?
Later, towards the evening Mr.Narayan Pradhan along with his wife, in that heavy a rainfall, traveled the 11km from Daramdin to Sombarey in a scooter, and obviously, Sita Mami came with her bag full of goodies! We went out for a little walk through, what we call, a “really muddy and rough road” to some caves, but then it was seriously worth that bad walk, since we got a picturesque vista of the opposite hills of Rimbick as seen from behind the tufts of smoky clouds – phew, felt like heaven, man!
Out for the walk in the rain

We returned back at around five and found a Bong family of an elderly man, a few women, two kids and a young man, that had checked into the resort. Trust me, I kind of breathed a sigh of relief – there, at least we wouldn’t be the only guests in the resort – there was another group, and most importantly, a BONG one! At least that would throw some life into the dull rainy day! Dad got along with them pretty well, giving his usual lectures (those that are beyond my ability to perceive, you see!) about tourism. Later on, even I got along well with them, and especially admired the good humor of the Uncle in the group, Mrinal Chakroborty, a Professor of English – there; I had someone to match my taste!

It was night finally; time to go to bed, baby!

Gunnite, sleep tight, dream sweet, and pray for the rains to be merciful!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip To Wonderland - Day 1!!

Hey all,

How’ve you all been? Good going you all, huh?

Well, me? Gureee888!! You won’t believe it guys, but I made one of the best and the most enjoyable trips this summer, with my parents, to the mountains of Sikkim! I was not only endowed with the opportunity of soaking in the naked delicacy and exquisiteness of the hills, but I was also fluky enough to come across, then getting acquainted and gradually close to some of the world’s most hospitable and caring people!

We were received at Jorethang by my dad’s good friend and the Forest Ranger of Dentam, Mr.T.B.Subba’s brother-in-law, Mr.Narayan Pradhan, a teacher, who created an initial impression in my mind as a cheerfully plump and round man with scant hair on his head!

We were taken to his home in a paradise called Daramdin, a secluded and less-populated village in West Sikkim, which we all consentaneously acquiesce is the idyllic site for people who want a calm occasion far away from the clutches, hustle and bustle of city life; for people who genuinely desire to regain that lost loveliness of their soul; for people who want to retrieve their aesthetic and visual senses which have suffered defeat in the materialistic and highly monotonous lives they lead in the four-walled cities, where rickshaw horns are always popping, cars displaying their multiplicity of horns, the dingy clamor of buses and trams, where the increasingly embryonic pollution wreaks havoc, where people seem to be dragged along by a demon of materialism – the demon that has left the majority of the section lifeless and uninteresting.
This is seriously the best place if we want to enjoy a few tranquil days away from the ignominious clamor and disturbances that the cities offer its denizens.Daramdin is immaculate, uncontaminated, wholesome and fresh-faced.

We were introduced to his wife, Mrs.Sita Pradhan, a largely ebullient and hospitable lady, working in a health clinic, and she received us with such warmth and kindness as if we had been acquainted for long, as if we were her own people.

Mama and Mami
Their house was at a superb location and offered a pictographic panorama of the surroundings. For sightseeing we were taken to a titanic and one of the most famous temples in Sikkim, the Sai Baba Mandir, built in the grounds of Mr.Narayan Pradhan. It was a wonder to behold, trust me, people! I am a person who has never believed in Sai Baba and infact never been a devotee of any particular God, but then I just couldn’t disbelieve what I saw with my own eyes – we were shown what is usually not shown to the visitors - the long piece of cloth that led to main idol had the footprints of, as they say, Sai Baba! The surrounding was beautiful, with a variety of flowers that I had never seen before, blooming in and around the place.
The Sai mandir,Daramdin
We lunched at their place and Mrs.Sita Pradhan was one marvel of a cook, trust me! She had prepared the simplest of food and yet we were all reduced to licking our fingers at the end of the meal. We took a walk around the large stretches of cultivated fields of Mr.Pradhan and picked up some hilly fruits called Arucha and Garandula! It was a lovely experience!

Cultivation on Mama's grounds
We were then taken to our resort which had been booked beforehand by Mr.T.B.Subba, the Akashganga Forest Rest House located atop a hill in Sombarey, another ravishing village only about 11 km from Daramdin. Well, it was also an amazing place with friendly people in and around and we were all pleasantly surprised when we came to know that the IPL final between the Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore would be shown on a huge screen through a projector. I shared a few words with the manager of the resort, D.K.Thapa and a really jolly and cute little service boy Bimal who is the funniest creature I’ve ever come across!

A bunch of disgusting Marwaris poured in towards the evening, well disgusting because I’ve always abhorred that race of people most of all. I find them rude, loud, uncultured, money-minded and lousy – well isn’t that reason enough for me to not like their company?

In the late evening, the match began. I was all stirred up, and obviously after the Kolkata Knight Riders, I supported the Deccan Chargers because am a die-hard patron of Adam Gilchrist (Gosh, he’s so cuuuutttteeee!). I was initially in the top balcony where two other Sikkimese guys, as well as the Marwari girls and one boy, wrapped beneath a blanket, were also watching the match! Shit, Gilchrist gone for 0! Am really superstitious when it comes to cricket, and decided to shift my position and watch the rest of the match downstairs with the other people! The DC supporters and the RC supporters were lined up in two separate groups, and I obviously joined the DC bunch. We cheered, grumbled, rooted for sixes and boundaries, rejoiced at the opponent’s wickets – it was real fun!

Beside me, there were two guys seated, and one of them with a little long hair and sharp dark eyes, struck a conversation with me (well, I was expecting that!) and I gradually got informed about him – he was studying English M.A., was a guitarist, singer and drummer and had a band of his own where he played the drums and he was fond of 70s and 80s rock and impressively, he was also keen on Bangla bands like Fossils and Cactus. He was called Basant Sharma. So there he was my first friend during this trip (well, I always make some, every time I go primarily because I can identify with the Sikkimese people, I share the same nature, same ways, and as everyone says, the same looks!)

Well that night, with all the avid DC supporters, Deccan won an impossible-to-win final match – a match to remember! Great fight put up by them with a puny score!

I went back to bed, happy and eager for the tomorrow to arrive.

Well, there goes my first day in Sikkim, and I shall post a detailed description of the second day spent and gradually the rest of them, eventually. Do bear with me, dudes and dudettes! You’re undoubtedly gonna enjoy my journey and feel yourself to be a part of it!

Thanks all,
Hey, Prince Charming, will you get me some of those?! :P