Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lemme Introduce You To Me!!

Hey all,

Am a 15yr old girl, an, aspiring journalist from Calcutta, India and writing is a passion for me. I also take interest in anything that’s creative and has originality, anything that’s adventurous and thus I want to choose journalism as my career.

I love to paint (and I will be uploading the miniature images of all my works soon), travel (well, if am not off to the mountains if even once every year, things throughout the three sixty five days are liable to go wrong!!) think, talk (I do talk a lot and as people say 1000 words per second!! But I think that is a l'il exaggerated.I talk and write to get all kinds of emotions off my chest!I love sharing!), sleep (well you ask my English sir for any confusion regarding that – he can give you the details –I have the worst records!!!) and dream (after all, dreams are first step to success!!) but I don’t make dreams my priority - I also work towards realizing ‘em!

I love music, any type that would suit my mood....Am usually not the rock lover type of person -Those spooky and head aching type of stuff are just a bit too over the top for me.I prefer Enrique,Celine Dion,Bryan Adams and Boyzone Ballads and other pop music. Obviously,Bollywood romantic stuff are also my favourites.

Moving on.

I am also an avid follower of sports, the IPL and mostly footbal.Am undoubtedly the craziest and wackiest fan of Lionel Messi, the Argentinean footballer.
I consider DADA the biggest cricketer,the best captain and one of the most determined players - he rawwwks!*no more debates-i pass the verdict*

Am always trailed by confusions and contradictions and can never possess pre-conceived notions about anything-am always unbiased and non-judgemental about things and that is exactly why i end up finding myself confused about every petite thing.

I often feel lonely, left out and misunderstood but I know that’s all a part of teenage.

I believe in including simple pleasures in life which most have taken for granted because life is all about being simple, living in the present and jus' flowing wid d water!!

Always wear a smile, people, not just because life is full of reasons to smile, but because your smile itself maybe reason enough for many others to smile…


P.S.-This is just a brief introduction.Am much more than just this,you see!I will get another posted pretty soon. Gotta rush now,people.


APD said...

Hey nice blog...perhaps u belong to that rare breed who can articulate their thoughts so beautifully...keep rocking!!!!


Karthik Shetty said...

Hmm, typical bong (and I mean absolutely no offence when I say bong, it just sounds cooler than 'Bengali'), rooting for Sourav even when in other circumstances you'd be more objective. Anyways, all the best with the journo dreams.

reshmee said...

Good work, Varshana..keep it up!

Varshana said...

@APD_I guess you're mistaken cos' if youa sk me, I'd say,HELL,NOOooOOO!!That's quite sumfin that I suffer from yeh knw,not being able to articulate my feelings..there's so much I think, so much I feel, but when I want to manifest them,I create a mess,I end up losing out on words!!Anyways, thanks for reading my blog...
@Karthik-No, I don't mind that 'bong'..it sounds cooler,you say?Lol, but I'd rather as much prefer to be termed a 'Bangali'..or no,maybe 'bong does sound cooler..though its not about being cool,you see..Oh no,besides that 'bong' sentiment working for me,I seriously believe(even from an unbiased perspective)that Sourav is truly one of the best captains to have walked the field of cricket..you may opine otherwise,no offence same here...
Btw,I just changed my mind a teensy bit,I'd like to do a Statistics hons. in college,and try the ISI..